Neuro Sleep Review – Does it work?

neuro sleep
neuro sleep

You might not think a drink ( like Neuro Sleep) or sleep supplement can help you sleep.  That’s what I thought so I decided to try it out.  By the end of this post I’ll show you actual sleep data that shows Neuro Sleep did help me have better deep sleep and REM sleep as well as sleep longer.  I’d been under lots of stress and sleeping poorly and was willing to try Neuro Sleep.  Everyone has had an occasional sleepless night. After a while you can even predict when it is going to happen. There’s a big test tomorrow and I’m super nervous, I’m not going to sleep well. I meet my in-laws tomorrow, I’m not going to sleep well tonight.

I’ve got a big report to give the boss tomorrow and I can’t seem to settle down. Tomorrow the families are all coming for the holidays, there goes my night of sleep. You get the idea, we’ve all been there and had an occasional, terrible night of sleep. We toss and turn, we can’t settle down, our minds are racing, and we spend the night staring at the dark ceiling. We wake up the next day tired and ready for a nap and spend the day dragging until we try to relax and enjoy a good night of sleep. Well, Neuro Sleep, a drink claims it can and I think I believe it after collecting sleep data I’ll share in a moment.

Package and Size :

Neuro  Sleep comes in a plastic container that is well made and easy to open and securely close. It has 14.5 fluid ounces per package. It has 35 calories and doesn’t have artificial flavors or colors. I wasn’t able to find any bulk packages of Neuro Sleep and I could only find one flavor, peach apricot. More on availability (or lack therefor at stores) in a separate section. It’s well packaged with a unique container and easy to use top. Five stars for packaging.


Here’s where the plot thickens a little. After deciding to buy and test Neuro Sleep I drove to five stores and called two more before I found one store that had two bottles of one flavor. It was hard to find. Some stores said they carried Neuro, but they didn’t have Neuro Sleep, they had Neuro Sonic and Neuro Bliss. If you can find it locally, great. I’d recommend saving yourself the time and buying it on Amazon. Three stars for availability since Amazon seems to be the best option.


The bulk ingredients were a little disappointing to be honest. While it is all natural, here’s the top three ingredients: filtered water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, etc. According to the FDA that means that water makes up the most weight of the drink, crystalline fructose (sweetener) makes up the next highest weight, and citric acid (for taste) the third highest weight in the drink. In order to deliver their special ingredients (next section), they’ve basically made a very tasty, natural drink.

To do that you have to use a sweetener and citric acid to get the flavor right. In addition, there are 12 ingredients listed – a bit more than I’m comfortable with, but better than many other drinks. My favorite drink has two ingredients: water and coffee beans. Personally, that’s more my style. I understand why they did this though, you don’t want to drink something that tastes bad, and so they made a drink that is very tasty. Three and a half stars for a tasty, natural drink with a few more ingredients than I prefer.

Special Ingredients

Here’s the magic (skip this if you don’t care about how it works and see below for if it works). These are the ingredients that they think will make you sleep better: L-theanine, Melatonin, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, and Taurine. Melatonin is found in certain foods and is naturally produced to help aid sleep. L-theanine is an amino acid found in some plants (particularly green tea leaves) that is believed to aid relaxation by altering brain waves. It may also boost the immune system, and provide green tea with umami taste and flavor.

It also contains magnesium which may help the nervous system. Hydroxy-tryptophan or 5-HTP may help improve mood and stave off depression, but the jury seems to be out on that one. Taurine, which is also included, seems to have some helpful effects on overall health. So, five stars for special ingredients that, when mixed with their proprietary levels, are very effective (data to support that below).


As expected, the taste is great. I’ll call it engineered great – normal, natural juices don’t taste this good. I’m not a processed beverage guy, but if you are accustomed to processed beverages this will suit you well. It honestly has a fantastic taste and probably something better than nature could produce, I’m just not into processed drinks. Four stars for a taste most people will find very pleasant.


I paid almost three dollars per bottle, which is a little expensive. I found sold out shelves where the prices where marked down, but they were sold out. It’s not cheap which is why I think this is intended for the occasional sleepless night. On the flip side, many people pay that much for coffee. Three and a half stars for price.

Effectiveness – Yes It Is

I’ll cut right to the chase – four and half stars for effectiveness.  It worked for me and I’ll show you the data to prove it below.

The First Night – Sweet Sleep

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. I used it for two nights and recorded sleep data from my Zeo which monitors my brain waves during sleep.   Below is a picture of the Zeo and its charging station.

This is the Zeo Sleep Monitor and charging stand.

This was a really hard week for me.  Lots of stress and late nights so I was sleeping way worse than normal.  In a nutshell, this is the type of night you would want to use Neuro Sleep.  So, below is the data from my first night of sleep.


Sleep data from the first day of Neuro Sleep testing. Given how poorly I was sleeping all week – I felt good after this solid 7 hours and 57 minutes of sleep.

What it shows in dark green is deep sleep, light green is R.E.M sleep, light grey is light sleep, and red is time when I’m awake.  I had 52 minutes of deep sleep (10%), 2 hours and 6 minutes of R.E.M sleep (25%), 5 hours of light sleep (63%), and 11 minutes of awake time.  The colors and sleep stages are the same for all future pictures so I’ll only explain them for the picture above.  Here is how this sleep data stacks up:

Here is the advice my sleep monitor gave me while testing Neuro Sleep on day one. My sleep was better than 84% of others. Green is good, yellow could improve, red is bad (note, no red on this night)

This may not seem too impressive with the two yellow areas, but remember, this is better than 81% of other users.  To give you a point of reference for how the rest of the week went when I wasn’t using Neuro Sleep look at the data below this section and you’ll see it is much, much better than my normal sleep this week.  The advice my Zeo Sleep Monitor gave me was,

My average #ZQ is 84 and I have higher sleep quality than 81% of #Zeo users (Based on the night of Sun, Jan 19, 2014).  Where my sleep is great: Total Sleep, REM Sleep, Time To Z.  Where my sleep could improve: Deep Sleep, Wake

The Second Night – Fire Alarms and Colds

The second night of testing is more interesting story.  This turned out to be the kind of night that normally leaves you groggy and grumpy.  It started during the day when I noticed a little sniffle, a bit of congestion, and feeling pretty crummy.  By the time I got home it had blossomed into a full blow cold.

Kleenexes flying and eyes watering I was counting down to bedtime.  I drank a Neuro Sleep about an hour before bed and as I laid down I felt really congested.  I managed to drift off to sleep but with all the congestion I woke a few times when I first went to bed which is all the red to the left of 23 (11:00pm).  As if the cold wasn’t enough, the fire alarm battery goes dead so the fire alarms starts chirping and waking everyone up at 3:30.

Day two of Neuro Sleep testing. Plenty of red here (6%) as my fire alarm went off off at 3:30am. This would normally would have ruined my night of sleep. This time, after we got the fire alarm off (put in new battery) I was able to get more R.E.M. sleep.

That red streaks between the 3 and 5, that’s  when I was looking for a battery and reseting the fire alarm.  With as excited as I was from the fire alarm I thought I wouldn’t get back to sleep.  You can see I was actually able to get back to sleep and get some R.E.M sleep after we silenced the alarm.  I did wake up while in R.E.M. sleep (between 1 and 2).  For me this is pretty common.  I tend to have really vivid dreams that wake me up at the end of R.E.M.  Interestingly, some  researches think R.E.M. may be a way to keep your body still and asleep during R.E.M.  Apparently my body never got that memo so it wakes up at the end of long R.E.M. sections from time to time.  Even with the cold, fire alarm, and vivid dreams I had better sleep than 52% of other users.  Here’s what the Zeo Sleep Monitor said,

Day two of sleep advice using Neuro Sleep. No surprises that my wake needed work… I had a cold and my file detector went off at midnight.

Here’s what my Zeo said,

My average #ZQ is 74 and I have higher sleep quality than 52% of #Zeo users (Based on the night of Mon, Jan 20, 2014).  Where my sleep is great: Total Sleep, REM Sleep, Time To Z.  Where my sleep could improve: Deep Sleep.  Where my sleep needs work: Wake.

At the end of the two days I was pretty impressed with the impact Neuro Sleep had.  I’ll show you why.

Sleep That Week Without Neuro Sleep

This week was a very stressful and exciting week for me.  Lots of late nights and very poor sleep.  The best sleep I had by far (even with the fire alarm affair) was when I used Neuro Sleep.  There was a problem with my Zeo Sleep Monitor the night after I used the Neuro Sleep so no data from 22 Jan (sorry).  Here’s two nights after I stopped using Neuro Sleep:

Without Neuro Sleep my sleep got worse with less REM, light, and deep sleep. My deep sleep went all the way down to 18 minutes (5%). This was how typical of how I sleep this week without Neuro Sleep.

This was typical of that week and the week before.  I’ll show two more nights of sleep to give you a more complete picture but I’ll spare you the full, painful rundown.

Without Neuro Sleep I could sleep to 6:00am. My deep and sleep wasn’t good and I was waking for 3% of the night.

Typical of my stressed out, poor sleep. This night, without Neuro Sleep I couldn’t sleep until 5:00am. My wake was 20 minutes and my deep sleep nearly as long at a measly 32 minutes. This was a rough week.

 Couldn’t It Be Luck or Rigged?

But couldn’t it be luck that made you sleep better those two nights?  Couldn’t you have done something differently?  Couldn’t you have set your alarm those other nights and faked the data?  Yes, I could have but I like sleep way to much to do that.  I study sleep, write about sleep, and wear a goofy sleep monitor to bed every night because I want my sleep to be the best it can be.

I’m not interested in intentionally ruining any night of sleep especially to rig a test.  There was nothing lucky about my sleep the week before and after this test.  It was a high stress time and I was struggling to get sleep.  I could give you ten more pictures to prove it, but this was a rough week and using Neuro Sleep was the only thing that worked for me.  Thankfully I’m not as stressed now, and I’m back to sleeping well naturally.  If I did have a stressful night coming up, or needed to ensure a good night of sleep – I’d use  Neuro Sleep again.  You can read what others are saying.


I didn’t think Neuro Sleep would work  before I tested it to be honest, but after using it and looking at the data I think it does.  Four and a half stars for overall good performance, packaging, and taste.



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